Telecom Revenue Optimization

There are two ways to optimize telecom revenue: the traditional way and the innovative way. TeleCloud Vision has the facilities and capabilities to provide both.

  • Traditional way: Part of the revenue optimization is to identify the gaps and leakage areas then fix them to minimize or stop fraud. After a thorough study of systems, extensive work, and years of helping telecom companies optimize revenue, we have created a fraud detection and alerting system capable to detect the following types of fraud in real time.

  • Arbitrage | Domestic Revenue Share Fraud | International Revenue Share Fraud | Call and SMS spamming | Phishing | Roaming Fraud | Premium Rate Service Fraud

  • We have deployed this system in seven countries with 18 MNOs. We have one of the first, non-intrusive and unique systems capable of starting audit and detection in less than an hour. (Contact us for more information)

  • Innovative Way: Although the old world of telecom is shrinking, OTT cannot survive without the traditional standards and infrastructure. TeleCloud is here to bridge OTT with standard telecom companies to optimize the quality of service and increase revenue.

  • We have more than 15 years of experience in the world of TELCOs, Mobile and OTT. This led us to create a bridging platform to avoid the cannibalization of the traditional telecom companies, to make them coexist with the emerging technologies and complete each other.

  • We have developed a real, live platform that allows a number of revenue streams and helps telecom companies survive, and even grow. TeleCloud’s platform is a profit center to all players without competition, as it is based on collaboration and revenue optimization.